Areas of work:


  • Evaluation of feed additives and feeding plans
  • ADG, FE, FI and homogeneity
  • Formulation of experimental feed
  • Formulation of experimental feed


  • Progeny of finishing boars regarding:
    • Productive performance
    • Robustness and resilience


  • AI techniques (catheters, diluents)
  • Products for reproduction control

Animal health:

  • Control of clinical signs
  • Sampling of blood and tissues; Necropsies


  • Ammonia emissions
  • GHG Emissions
  • Nutrient balance


  • Behavior
  • Aggressions
  • Physiological indicators of stress

Real-time monitoring with web control:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • Water consumption
  • Water consumption



  • Experimental facilities with the right animals to perform tests at all stages (gilts, gestations and lactation sows, nursery and grow-finish pigs).
  • We follow the ‘Code of Good Practices in Veterinary Clinic’ (GCVP) and the requirements of the European Agency for Food Safety (EAFS) and the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Sanitary Products (AEMPS) for registration tests.
  • Staff with long experience in running experimental studies, being able to communicate fluently in English.
  • Professional monitoring and supervision
  • Consulting in the experimental design to obtain the highest return for your investment
  • Data management
  • Statistical analysis
  • Professional reports
  • Publications in indexed journals or in congresses according to the results


  • Farm staff (theory and practice)
  • Residential student programs

Possibility of performing digestibility tests using an inert marker and other tests that require individual housing of the animals.