Swine Research Center is an independent company dedicated to meet quality research needs under commercial conditions

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Additives industry and feed mills

Evaluation of feed additives (enzymes, herbal extracts, acids, essential oils, aromas, pre-probiotics and others) and its effect on growth and feed efficiency, health, digestibility and pollutant emissions (ammonia and methane mainly).

Associations of farmers and cooperatives

Ensure the outcome of your feeding plans, health plans or the genetics used. Practical implementation of results on the client’s farm.

Pharmaceutical industry

Vaccine testing, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobials and other products to determine their efficiency, optimal application procedures, dosage, pharmacokinetics and other clinical parameters. Always with the support of our network of commercial farms.

Cleaning and disinfection industry

Demonstration of the effectiveness of different alternatives, study of surface contamination and specific cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Genetics companies

Test the progeny of finishing boars to determine their growth, feed efficiency, lean yield and homogeneity as well as the feeding plans appropriate to each genetics and quality of the carcass and meat. Breeding sows under special agreements.

Equipment companies

Hoppers, drinking troughs, stalls, nests and heaters, grids, fans and any other kind of equipment, under special agreements. Study of yields, resource consumption and pollutant emissions (based on Innova).

Specialized in tests that combine different productive phases (gestation / lactation / nursery / fattening / carcassand meat quality) and different topics(production, nutrition, health and environment).